Watch out what Top Real Estate Investor from canada says about investing in canada.  Canada is the best place to invest. REIN provides the research report on property and consult you where, when and how to invest in canadian property.Continue Reading

The threat of rising interest rates slammed the real estate investment trust sector in 2013. For 2014, with that threat still there, it may be time to get selective when it comes to your REIT picks because double-digit returns are going to become more difficult to achieve. “We believe theContinue Reading

Rising interest rates are bad — very, very bad. That’s the prevalent message being made loud and ominously clear to investors as markets brace for the inevitable end to the ultra-loose monetary policies south of the border and elsewhere around the world. The warning, while important to heed, doesn’t quiteContinue Reading

The dream of passive investing is to build a portfolio so that you no longer have to do anything active to get a steady return. But it takes some work to make it come true, especially now when interest rates are low and markets are volatile. The goal is toContinue Reading

Debt and prosperity

Canadian now owe almost two-thirds more in debt than they use, or have available, for available income according to Statistics Canada.  For 2012, the rise in debt was higher in every category with mortgage and consumer debt surpassing a combined $1.6 trillion. As Canadians continue to enjoy spending without restraintContinue Reading

Owning your own home became slightly more affordable in the third quarter of 2011 thanks to continuing low interest rates, according to RBC’s latest study on housing affordability. The affordability measure captures the proportion of pre-tax household income that would be needed to service the costs of owning a certainContinue Reading

According to a national poll released today for Manulife Financial that measured how Canadians say they felt about investing in 11 different categories and vehicles, the survey recorded declines in all categories and vehicles, showing the largest quarterly drop for stocks, which fell back 15 points, coming to rest atContinue Reading