Registered Education Plans

Quite possibly one of the greatest things you can do for your children’s future is to open a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) for them.  This specialized registered account carries several benefits that ultimately help build money towards your child’s college education. Such benefits include being entirely tax free andContinue Reading

We may be approaching the most wonderful time of the year, but December is also when to make moves that could save you money come tax time. “Most people think of tax time as April, but it’s really all year long,” says Caroline Battista, a senior tax analyst with H&R BlockContinue Reading

Younger homebuyers don’t want to max out on their mortgage payments, according to a recent TD survey. Could it be that Gen Xers have learned a few lessons from older home owners who qualify as house poor? The survey found that Gen X Canadians overwhelmingly consider themselves “house plus” buyersContinue Reading

Everyone knows it’s RRSP season, but what’s less obvious is how to best direct your contributions over the years. Different ages and life stages call for different strategies. There’s an overarching theme, though: anything you can put toward your retirement is a good thing. “When it comes to contributions, it’sContinue Reading

I recently had two reasons to look up the going rates on GICs and savings accounts. I thought I’d share what I found with you today and raise the question: Is it worth it to put cash into a 5-year GIC when some savings accounts are paying almost as muchContinue Reading

One of the main benefits of RESP accounts is the federal Canadian Educational Savings Grant (CESG). This grant is 20% of any eligible contributions in an RESP account. How the RESP Grant System Works Let’s say you open an RESP account for your bouncing new baby and contribute $1,000 intoContinue Reading