I don’t try to hide the fact that we used to be pretty sucky with our finances.  Although we never let things get too out of hand, I finally accept the fact that we used to waste most of our income.  We bought stuff.  We went on trips.  If we didn’t haveContinue Reading

Ever notice how sometimes when you go shopping for one thing, you end up bringing home four or five other things? How many times have you heard, “I only came in for…” at the check-out? Stanford University did some studies about how shopping can lead to more shopping. It seemsContinue Reading

Goodbye Christmas!!! (Thank God!) Hello Snowpocalypse 2012!!! As you may have heard, we here in the Midwest took a fierce body punch from one of the first major winter storms of the season. We were covered with about about 10 inches of snow a few days ago. For those ofContinue Reading

Almost half of Canadians live paycheque to paycheque, a new survey has found. But that number is down from last year. According to a Canadian Payroll Association poll, 47% of Canadians live payday to payday in 2012, reporting they would struggle if their paycheque was delayed by even one week.Continue Reading

At a time when we were really watching our pennies, my husband and I decided to use an old-school trick for budgeting to stop us from frittering our money away. I wasn’t sure exactly how much money we actually spent week to week — we were in the habit ofContinue Reading