Everyone knows it’s RRSP season, but what’s less obvious is how to best direct your contributions over the years. Different ages and life stages call for different strategies. There’s an overarching theme, though: anything you can put toward your retirement is a good thing. “When it comes to contributions, it’sContinue Reading

Excerpt courtesy of The Family Finances When was the last time you went credit card shopping? No, I don’t mean when was the last time you went shopping and paid for it with your credit card. I mean, when was the last time you went shopping for a credit card?Continue Reading

Ming and Li are exceptional savers. They have already paid for their $300,000 home in southwestern Ontario and saved nearly $330,000, without any help from parents since they graduated. They have built a solid financial base for themselves and their two young children. Now the 37-year-old software developer and 34-year-oldContinue Reading