Small businesses in Canada are fortunate to have several useful tax deduction options that, surprisingly, far too many Canadians fail to make use of. This video list the 8 top tax write-offs tips a business owner can (and should) make use of.Continue Reading

I recently began volunteering with an organization called Girls Inc., one of whose valuable programs that teaches teen girls the basics of investing and money management. By the end of the program, the girls will be competently managing a full-blown investment portfolio. Sadly, that’s something that most adults are unableContinue Reading

When Canadian cities want to build infrastructure, they politely request provincial and federal funding-and then beg, cry, slobber, stomp their feet, hold their breath and turn blue until they get their money. You’d think our mayors would resent a system that trades their dignity for new curling rinks and overpasses,Continue Reading

Toronto taxpayers are facing a 35% tax hike unless there are job cuts to the city’s workforce, Mayor Rob Ford warned Friday. His administration can’t avoid penning pink slips if more staff does not start volunteering to take buyouts the mayor said on The Roundtable, with Sun News Network co-hostsContinue Reading

Before Sept. 11, 2001, Canada and the United States liked to brag that the line on the map between them denoted the longest undefended border in the world. Since exporters could cross that border in the blink of an eye and the Canadian dollar’s value was low, Canada was ableContinue Reading