The previous week had been a tumultuous one for the markets. Amazon’s shares dropped more than $100 as President Trump had declared war on the retail giant. Facebook is being investigated for privacy breaches in several countries. But that aside, market investors are most concerned with the enveloping trade-wars startedContinue Reading

Oil prices closed above $109 US a barrel Friday on fresh concerns about Iran’s nuclear program and despite evidence that demand remains weak. Retail gasoline prices in Canada and the U.S. also rose. Crude for April delivery closed at $109.77 a barrel in New York, up $1.94. Iran has rapidlyContinue Reading

Canada is rejecting a Palestinian effort to win recognition at the United Nations as an independent state. The move is not surprising given that the Harper government has forcefully highlighted its loyalty to Israel and the United States. Both oppose the Palestinian initiative. The Palestinian Authority, which controls most ofContinue Reading

Canadians with loved ones in Egypt were glued to computer screens and waiting by the phone Friday as they hoped to hear from family and friends in the North African country being swept with violent protests demanding an end to an autocratic era. Candace Furneaux was just one of manyContinue Reading

This is how the US lose wars. This is how the US are making enemies around the world. And this is how Republicans lose elections. Making fun of dead Canadian soldiers doesn’t help. US Republican douchebags are the only people dumb enough in the history of the planet to actuallyContinue Reading