I don’t try to hide the fact that we used to be pretty sucky with our finances.  Although we never let things get too out of hand, I finally accept the fact that we used to waste most of our income.  We bought stuff.  We went on trips.  If we didn’t have the cash, we would finance anything that we desired.  Even furniture.  And vacuums.  I swear.

We also lived without any sort of budget.  Unfortunately, this meant spending without limits until the next payday came along.  Since we have relatively high incomes, it never seemed like much of a problem.  Read More…


  1. Most people are so obsessed with spending that the concept of saving is unheard of.

    I think our world would be in better financial shape if people were taught the importance and necessity of saving now, now, now! 🙂

  2. We should read more. I never read much when growing up but when i got older i rediscovered this and its changed my life.

    I’ve learned more about how to take control of my financial life by taking time to read books about it.

  3. Stop watching TV? People still watch TV? LOL! Most people if i recall a study actually spend more time surfing the internet.

  4. People need to learn to pay down their debt instead of taking on more debt when a new credit card promotion comes along. That is where most problems begin and end.

  5. Some iinteresting points made seeing as how i fall in the same camp of habits.

  6. Caring about what people think is a problem i have had. It took me years to realize that people don’t care about me but just about their own personal gratification.

  7. Habits tend to always be linked to vices. And boy do we Canadians have a lot of vices.

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