This Incredible Dividend Stock Could Be Your Ticket to Financial Freedom

Bank of Nova Scotia (TSX:BNS)(NYSE:BNS) is a terrific Canadian bank that is a great way to capitalize on growth coming from the emerging markets. The company reported strong Q4 2016 results, and that could be the start of a sustained rally to higher levels. There’s a huge amount of momentum coming from the international segment which will provide the company a nice boost to earnings.

Although the company soared a whopping a 38.8% last year, I still believe there’s plenty of room to run given the large amount of catalysts that may propel the stock higher in 2017. Read More…

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  1. Vaughn H. says:

    Why am i the only one who didn’t get into BNS early. Wow, 39% since last year is remarkable. 🙁

    And here i thought Bank of Nova Scotia was a tiny bank being pushed out by the big boys of TD and RBC.

  2. Drayden says:

    Was considering them a few years back but got cold feet because of some management decisions. Apparently i was wrong. I really should add them though.

  3. Indiana D says:

    I was thinking the same about international emerging markets with TSX:BNS. My only concern is how the US president will muck up things for us. That is where the volatility lies. I am still keep it diversified even more so at this point.

  4. Donovan Workman says:

    Although i see it growing still in 2017, i think its about to peak and i predict about 20% this year. Still very impressive but 2017 will be its final great year in growth before it settles down with single-digit growth.

  5. Greyson says:

    Hmmm. Might not be a great pick now that everyone knows about it, no?

  6. Osvaldo K says:

    3.75% yield. Impressive. So what’s the catch?

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