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Courtesy of the wonderful people at Intuit Canada we are giving away TuboTax Premier (formerly QuickTax) to 10 lucky winners.  These copies are for the 2010 tax year.

I have to admit I am an old school tax guy and have for the better part of my life always done my taxes with pen and paper.  I think it’s mostly out of curiosity to learn something that most people dread.  However, for the last 2 years I decided to give electronic tax programs a try and lucky for me it was TurboTax.  Great product!  It saves a person a lot of time and with its live help every step of the way I never felt I was missing out on somehting that I normally would discover.

To enter the TurboTax Giveway Contest email (CONTEST CLOSED) with the subject line “TurboTax Giveaway“.  And make sure to include your full name.

This contest closes March 11, 2011 at 11:59 PM EST.  The ten winners will be contacted via their submitting email addresses.

Good luck to everyone!


  1. Might not need to buy this product after all. I guess i will know next week.

  2. Woohoo! Just in time to get a great prize!

  3. THANKS!!! I’m in!

  4. Entered the contest! Good luck to everyone, especially me 🙂

  5. I love you! This is what i was looking for!

    Huggz and Kisses from Manitoba!

  6. tax2death, uhh lest we forget this is a GIVEAWAY CONTEST (roll eyes)!! Sheesh, some people just complain for the sake of complaining.

  7. Why Turbo Tax? Why not TaxTron, or Cantax, or UFile? I guess i am not big on big brand names.

  8. Okay i’m feeling lucky. Everyone can pack up now cuz i’m going to win this and put a voodoo curse on the other 9.

  9. @CrownPrince, you sound like my granddad who is living in the past.

    Most tax apps these days are so good it is considered criminal not to use one. They automatically fix errors and discover many credits that might be missed if done manually.

    Even CRA recommends everyone use tax apps so as to reduce errors.

    We have come a long way and any other technique is ill advised and dangerous.

  10. I haven’t done my taxes in 3 years. But then i haven’t been working for 3 years either. I was told by my buddy that i would still be able to get a 100 refund for pretty much just being alive and Canadian — LOL.

    I think i will try this contest and maybe i can be surprised. Can’t hurt!

  11. I still think these tax programs continue to dumb down our nation than anything. By not understanding what exactly are in your tax forms you lose out on missed credits that you could be entitled to.

  12. I’ve used TubroTax/QuickTax for about 10 years now. It still is the only one i use. Here’s hoping i save a few bucks by getting involved with this giveaway.

  13. This is a really cool contest! Glad i found it! Thank you!

  14. Entered twice! Papa needs a new pair of shoes! 🙂 🙂

  15. It’s not always wise to do your taxes right away until the final revisions are made available from CRA which are updated in all the tax programs on March 1st.

    I remember last year when i used TurboTax in January and ended up having to include revisions in my Return which was a headache after March.

  16. I receipt my e-file code 3 weeks back so winning this could go very well.

  17. @SunriseSunset, this can do everything. It’s a copy of the Premier edition. You’re all set. 🙂

  18. Can this be used for students too or is it just for a special class of tax submitters?

    Sorry. I’ve always just handed my mom my receipts and she takes care of the whole tax thing.

  19. Wooo! Can’t pass this up! I need this!

  20. Thank you! Everyone in my family will be entering.

  21. Am i the only one who uses GenuTax? You just pay once and all future updates are free — for life. I couldn’t be bothered to pay for a new update each year which has little changes.

  22. Email sent! And my birthday is on March 1st so maybe this is a sign i will be a lucky winner.

  23. THANK YOU Intuit! I was hoping for something like this! Crossing my fingers!

  24. How many people in a household can enter this contest?

  25. TurboTax Premier? Intuit couldn’t pony up for the Home & Business edition?

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