Short film comparing US healthcare to Canadian healthcare. Includes brief history about each system.


  1. In time its inevitable that their system will have to change. It is projected that their yearly costs will still be rising even after their so called healthcare reform they had last year. They can only avoid single payer coverage for so long. The wrold has tried other means but it always comes back to single payer system.

  2. I can’t believe that 50% of their bankruptcy claims are due to medical expense reasons. Nasty!

  3. When i was in New York i was amazed at how little the people their new about our country and were sure our healthcare was worse than theres no matter what i said to them.

  4. And yet all you hear from their news outlets is how we are all dying up here because our system is not like theirs.

  5. The problem with Americans is their political system is so deeply corrupt that a universal system of coverage is virtually impossible without providing compromises and by way of adding improvements over time can anything meaningful can be done.

    This is how their social security system or civil rights were done. Through improvements over the following years.

  6. Our system isn’t quite universal coverage. It doesnt cover private stays, nor dentistry work. There is also no coverage for child daycare. We have some work to do but the u.s. system is completely behind and i dont see it changing any time soon.

    Obama isn’t quite the leader i was hoping for and seems more eager to give in to special interests than helping the people.

  7. Actually the Clintons tried to do something more like universal in coverage back in the 90s. I think it was called Hilary-care by mocking republicans. It was so poorly managed in congress that it was killed pretty quickly and what hurt President Clinton and the democrats in their mid-terms.

  8. America is so absorbed by profit making capitalism that they forget that if you kill the consumer there is noone left to buy your product.

  9. oddly enough nixon’s plan for healthcare was more progressive than the one Obama and the democrats passed. The current one in the us is nothing more than a giveaway with some nice things that bring it up to 3rd world levels. America needs to catch up considering how the rest of the world has taken healthcare by the horn and offering universal coverage to its people because these countries care.

  10. Mainstream media in the US is intolerable when they bring up the supposed facts about Canada. They no nothing about our country and bring on people who claim to be Canadians crying about wishing they had a system like the US where they pay for service instead of getting it for free. Utter garbage!

  11. Wait times are somewhat of an issue in certain parts of the country but for the most part it is very acceptable.

    Americans make up a lot of lies about our system and get away with it.

  12. Douglas was voted as the most respected Canadian in our storied history. He is well remembered for saving many lives. The liberals should be proud!

  13. And yet America mocks our system as horrible. Our system may not be perfect but it is better than the US, hands down.

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