It seems the conversation of investing in a tax-free savings account (TFSA) becomes quieter and quieter as the months go by in a year, and the conversation is most vibrant at the start of the year. Saving and investing should be a consistent act, so I’m bringing it up again.

By investing instead of just saving, you’re looking for higher returns that come with higher risk. Before thinking about what stocks to buy and hold in a TFSA, I think it’s essential that you have real-world experience in holding stocks in a non-registered account. This is because you don’t yet know how you would react to the different news and events that are thrown at you, good or bad.

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  1. I’d try to focus on diversified stock holdings that steer away from US stocks that give out dividends.

    Although its a registered account dividends are subject to withholding taxes by the US. Unlike RRSPs.

  2. Wow so its $10K per year now? Wish i had the money to max it out.

  3. @Mr. You should have $40,000 in available room to invest. Have fun.

  4. Well all i know is don’t have your TFSA as a savings account 🙂 That was my first mistake.

  5. How much room does one have right now who hasnt used it before?

  6. Easier said than done to hold Growth Stocks. The problem is today’s picks isn’t tomorrows. Be careful. CNR is good now but its already at its high.

  7. How about mutual funds? There always good to keep.

  8. Article talks about REIT’s in stocks to hold. Not a big fan of that strategy because the underlying properties are bound to go down shortly in Vancouver.

  9. Can one do Forex trading in TFSA accounts? 😀

  10. So i am not getting things wrong if i go over my contribution limit i am subject to a penalty. Does anyone know how much that is? I know rrsps have room for going over $2,000 for the life of it. Does tfsa have something similar?

  11. It talks as if 3-4% is a respectable return for TFSA. Oh come on. There are better ROI out there with little risk and effort. It wasnt too long ago most savings accounts with 3-4.

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