investor decisionsDuring summer vacations when I was a kid, my dad and I often took a break from hanging out on the beach to go for a drive. Eventually, he let me sit behind the wheel. Big moment. Didn’t go so well.

As we poked along a gravel back road, I swerved this way and that like I was trying to avoid strafing fire from a helicopter gunship. A clump of grass on the left would have me veering right; a seagull on my right would have me shaking left. “Stop over-steering,” my dad said. “Let the car do the work.”  Read More…


  1. This is why i turn to active managing so i dont have to concern myself over things like changing interest rates, or foreign country currency drama that affect local hodings. Sure it costs me a bit more but it at least frees me to get more important things done then to stare at my holdings all day. Just my 2cents

  2. The best thing people can do is not listen to anyone and do their own research, diversify your investments and you are good to go.

  3. Harper is the real reason why Canadian debt is at an all time high and their are market jitters. After the election things should improve.

  4. The biggest issue is the pressure from friends and family. Everyone has investment advice.

  5. I’m not a big time follower of this stuff but i cant help but also feel concerned more because i feel i am missing out on something. Is there an age where i need to focus on it? I am 22 now.

  6. It all feels like a random walk at times.

  7. Does this mean China’s stock market is on the up?

  8. When stocks are low like they were last month it is time to buy lots. Look, now we are in October and stocks are all near record highs. Simple.

  9. I assume investing in gold and oil and bonds is always a more stable thing to go into when uncertainty is in the air?

  10. If more people just educated themselves on what was available the world would be in a better state. It’s not that hard peopel.

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