Why Real Estate Investors Should Look Around the World

Why Real Estate Investors Should Look Around the World

The U.S. has offered the best growth for global real estate investors in recent years, because extremely accommodative monetary policy has made financing extremely cheap.

The sector has also attracted a lot of capital flows as people started to put the money they kept in cash during the financial crisis to work.

But many didn’t necessarily want to buy regular stocks, due to the uncertainties about when earnings and economic growth would arrive, and others feared fixed-income products because of the prospect of higher interest rates. Real estate, however, provided a nice middle ground and that has led to rising property values.  Read More…

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  1. Kahlil Chitwood

    Why should they when here at home and especially in BC they real estate boom is still going on for nearly a decade? It’s a genuine question.

  2. Montel Berg

    Can someone give me more picks. It only mentioned two 🙁

  3. Tremaine

    I still dont take REITs that seriously but maybe i should reconsider.

  4. Brook M.

    There are more investment avenues than real estate you know.

  5. Anton

    Investing abroad? The reit they suggested in the article is fine (Timbercreek) but i believe there is another one that has higher returns. Most of their holdings are spread in China and Canada mostly. I will look it up and come back.

  6. Ezekiel

    Seems very interesting..will look into this today.

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