When Canadian cities want to build infrastructure, they politely request provincial and federal funding-and then beg, cry, slobber, stomp their feet, hold their breath and turn blue until they get their money. You’d think our mayors would resent a system that trades their dignity for new curling rinks and overpasses, but they put up with it because it’s in their political interests to remain helpless. That way, they can blame city budget woes on the cold-hearted provincial and federal governments. It may work politically, but our infrastructure is increasingly held together by duct tape and hopeful thoughts.  Read More…


  1. And here I thought cities were already charging heavily on property taxes. Seems odd why they havent until now.

  2. Oh great more taxes! No thank you!

  3. I live in London and there is always new giant properties being built here and with so many people moving in to these mini mansions as i call them it seems ripe for taxes.

  4. Seems reasonable. If the tradeoff is i get broken and worn roads i will happily pay more.

  5. This is why i live in an apartment. Less headache.

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