Canada goose investor

Dear Fellow Fools,

Ah, the “IPO”.

I wonder how many of us had even heard of such a thing prior to the late ‘90’s when tech IPOs were trumpeted by daily headlines and provided 1,000% opening day moves (based on loose recollection, perhaps a slight exaggeration).

The initials stand for “Initial Public Offering,” and this generally refers to a time in a company’s life when it moves from the world of being privately owned and into the throngs of the oft-eagerly awaiting public markets.  Read More…


  1. It’s great to talk about IPOs but very few of us can take part in them. It’s a rich man’s game where the average joe has to wait in the side-lines. I know that Questrade is one of the few that is allowing people to take part but other brokerages need to do the same so everyone can take part too.

  2. Never heard of Canada Goose. Is that for women?

  3. Does this then imply that another bubble is going to happen? We’ve been hoping and wishing for such a thing for the last 15 years.

  4. I love IPOs. Finally Canada not offering more mining or banking stuff. Good to see Goose make the big move.

  5. LOL! The piece seems to praise the company at first but then later starts dissing. At least he’s honest.

  6. Yet another IPO that will go bust after a few months.

  7. So the article talks about Canada Goose brands. I’ve seen them before. I don’t understand how someone can buy those overpriced things. There must be a psychological effect happening because their quality is no different. Just their price is way up there.

  8. IPOs were really fun in the 90s. No one lost money. You only lost it all if you waited too long. The trick was to buy in, wait a few weeks, and then sell. Profit 🙂

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