Having already looked at how to reduce your heating and electricity bills, here are ten ways to reduce your water bill.

  1. Only wash full loads with your dishwasher and laundry washer. A partial load can use the same amount of water, but you will be washing more often.
  2. If replacing a dishwasher or washing machine, replace it with a high efficiency model.
  3. Use a low-flow shower head. This can easily cut the water used during a shower in half.

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  1. Wow! This can really help me and my family. We’ve always been charged so high with our water bill. Thank you!

  2. Calcification of water pipes is another problem that could lead to higher bills. It’s recommended if your home is modern enough to ionize your water with the special salts to help clear up calcification.

  3. You’d think with the bill going up that the quality of the water coming into the home would be up to snuff. It takes terrible.

  4. Water doesnt cost all that much i say waste away.

  5. There was a contraption in Popular Mechanics that is able to recycle the water during a shower and reuse it while still showering since the about 95% of the water going down the drain is still clean one could rewash with the same water at least 10 times.

  6. My family is trained to not flush the toilet until the end of the day or if someone has to take a #2. Sounds a bit disgusting but it saves a lot in water.

  7. I have a large lawn and requires a lot of watering and so i end up leaving the sprinklers on for several hours each night. My last water bill totalled $700. Either i have a dead lawn or spend a nice chunk of my monthly income to keep it up.

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