10 Ways To Save Money By Using The Internet

The internet is a great source for information on how to save money. Whether you’re looking to get a discount on online purchases, car rentals or even groceries, these tips should provide you with some great ways to get the best price.

  1. Research the item you are planning to purchase. The first step to truly saving money is getting the best value for your dollar.
  2. Look for deals at sites like Red Flag Deals, Smart Canucks and Bargain Moose. They all offer a great source for finding the best deals either online or in stores. I saved over $1,000 on a TV from a price matching strategy I found in the Red Flag Deals forum.
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  1. For tech shopping i use http://dealextreme.com — they offer free shipping to canada and they have possibly the cheapest prices in the world. It takes a little long to arrive though but i am a patient person.

  2. Another valuable tool is to request Price Matching at online stores. Many merchants dont put it out there but when you contact them they will usually honour it.

  3. I still use Retail Me Not for my shopping online

  4. I find it a bit surprising that there are still people out there that still dont know about coupon sharing sites, or deal sharing sites. Too many of them.

  5. Yea i use Red Flag all the time. Nothing beats people hunting for great deals online.

  6. When going out to shop i use the Red Laser app on my iPhone to find the cheapest prices for products online.

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