More than 50 per cent Canadian workers admitted to taking a day off work by falsely claiming to be sick, according to a new survey released this week.

However, playing hooky is far more popular in China where 71 per cent of workers say they’ve faked an illness. The Kronos Global Absence survey was conducted online in July and involved more than 9,400 respondents, two-thirds of whom were employed either full- or part-time.  Read More…


  1. That’s still a good number because with how things are heading people will continue to have to work harder for less pay. I fully expect this number to rise over the decade.

  2. No surprises with France having the lowest # @ 16%. I lived in France for 2 years and people there are so relaxed and the laws are so on the side of the people that they have a lot of relaxation. It’s almost like paradise.

  3. People stay home just to watch tv? What a waste of a day. I have a tv and never bother to turn it on.

  4. @collin, sure but why is Mexico only at 38%? You’d expect it to be much higher then.

  5. What is most interesting in the study is that the still developing countries have higher rates of absentism. This isnt a surprise because it is an indication workers feel overworked and need a break.

  6. I’m planning on hooky on the 1st day back to work on Tuesday. lol! Heard it hear first folks! 😀

  7. Bosses fake sickness too. I wonder if the survey included that?

  8. I think 52% is quite low and i am certain many are lying because i have never met anyone who didn’t play hooky once.

  9. Wow i was shocked to read 50% of us play hooky only to see China is worse. lol. Proud and Canadian!

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