Investment books you should read

Notwithstanding the protestations of anyone who believes that surfing the Internet is a proxy for actual learning, the real world is not teachable in 140 character increments.

Therefore, I generally recommend to people who genuinely want to learn about the investing and capital markets that they embark on a program to read seven seminal books that give an unvarnished look into the industry and its characters, opportunities and challenges.

With summer (eventually) arriving, here’s a reading list, preferably to be read in the same order.  Read More…


  1. Thnks for good information

  2. It should also be made clear to your readers that not only is it wise to stay informed with reading such things but to also be deligent in keeping informed about what they invest into.

    Far too many times new investors will buy and then quickly sell on the first sign that the stock price drops.

  3. Great list of books. I guess because i’ve read a few of those and it made things a bit more clear when i began investing. Good stuff.

  4. Never understood the complexity people ahve of investing. Just buy a quality mutual fund and let it do the work for you. I’ve been doing this for my RRSP account for decades.

  5. Are any of these books freely available to be downloaded. Although they all sound interesting i don’t want to buy a stinker and be forced to go buy another one on this list.

    In other words i would prefer to just buy one of these 7. 🙂

  6. I read Too Big to Fail and in the end although it was eye opening i found that my best method for learning was to jump into the deep end and begin trading using practice accounts. And also talking with like-minded people.

  7. The problem with usch books is although they tend to play well in people’s Best List i find that if they aren’t tailored to the geographic region we are in (so not just Canada, but here in Ontario) then some of the advice may not apply and in some cases may be detrimental. Read but keep an open mind.

  8. Good picks. I haven’t read any of those so i think i will hit up my local library to have a skim. Thanks!

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