A prince’s portfolio may be an ideal way to reach your investment goals, but lots of investors have neither the time nor the money to manage anything more than a few different holdings.

Luckily, there are plenty of simple, low-cost investment options available to build a solidly diversified portfolio.

Perhaps the best bet for investors on this front is a portfolio exchange-traded fund. Two to consider, in particular, are iShares Growth Core Portfolio Builder Fund (XGR/TSX) and iShares Conservative Core Portfolio Builder Fund (XCR/TSX), said Pat Chiefalo, an ETF strategist at National Bank Financial.

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  1. It’s never a good idea to invest on a moments notice without lots of careful research. When i was young i would invest based on what my neighbours were doing and ended up costing me.

    The plus side is that i learned alot from losing that i began reading more and becoming addicted to it. I work in the industry now.

  2. Now i’m thinking i should fire my investment advisor since i’ve learned more from the article than he’s returned for me in 5 years 🙁

  3. By investing into Mutual Funds and ETFs one can pretty much let the indexes do the work for you. Historically stock markets rise. This is assuming you want a boring portfolio. But it is safe.

  4. Buy low sell high is my motto 😛

  5. Interesting post. Thanks!

  6. Most of my holdings are mutual funds and this year i made 25% ROE so far. So im a happy girl.

  7. Diversify is the key! Can’t be said enough. When you cut the fat of what all these supposed experts are saying that is what it always comes down to. The reason being when you diversify you spread your risk in all areas.

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