Research in Motion’s home-country advantage has worn off amongst Canadian consumers.

For the first time, its BlackBerry is no longer the top selling smartphone in the country, according to data compiled by research firm IDC and Bloomberg.

Apple’s wildly popular iPhone device took the top spot for 2011 with sales of 2.85 million devices in Canada, easily beating BlackBerry sales that totaled 2.08 million.

It marks the first time that the BlackBerry has not been the top-selling smartphone in Canada since its introduction.  Read More…


  1. I cant believe black berry is gonna die soon, I know iPad´s have change the world and new generation has to come

  2. Seriously, is BlackBerry still alive? I thought they were RIP about 5 years ago.

  3. I own both a Curve 3G and iPhone 4S. Love them both even if i find myself using my iPhone more often.

  4. Oh come on. Yes Apple is #1 here in Canada but i doubt they will maintain their lead conssitently in 2012.

  5. RIM’s Playbook is lame. They need to start working on innovative products.

  6. What is funny is how BlackBerry who’s sole purpose is to make mobile devices is getting mauled on its own turf. May the strong survive. If they cant keep up with innovation then they should make room for someone else who is more nimble.

  7. It’s sad that BlackBerry use to be the one innovating. For the past 5 years they’ve been the followers. Though so has everyone else. Everyone wants the cool factor of Apple. No question about it.

  8. Lets not get carried away. BlackBerry sales are still impressive. But it is indeed signs that all is not good for RIM.

  9. I use to own a Perl but found BlackBerry was falling too far behind and now i own a iPhone 4S and much pleased.

  10. Even their half-baked tablets are no match for Apple’s iPads.

  11. It’s really telling when an American computer company can top what everyone thought was impossible to do by topping the world standard in smartphone making — blackberry. Someone at blackberry offices should be fired.

  12. BlackBerry will shut its doors in 2012.

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