Canada’s banks are solid, but their service seems to be slipping.

After keeping fees stable for awhile, banks are raising charges on a variety of services. Interest rates on lines of credit are being adjusted.

At the same time, banks are reporting record profits and senior executives are earning compensation packages that put them ahead of other sectors.  Read More…


  1. No real surprise there. Banks have been gouging customers for decades. And it wont stop any time soon.

    Banks, like all businesses are about making money, especially considering they are in the finance industry.

  2. This is why Occupy Wallstreet sprung up and STILL exists. People are getting tired of Big Banks are becoming too Big that they think they can’t fail.

  3. I have left big banks behind for 10 years now. I only do business with Credit Unions now.

  4. At least things arent as bad as the US banks where they get charged every kind of fee and get sued for it.

  5. What is most fascinating is that people, although they whine about it, never bother to do a thing about this.

    THIS is why Banks contiune to abuse us.

  6. Leave these po’ banks alone. They have it tough paying their million dollar bonsues every quarter to themselves.

    /sarcasm off

  7. I personally think CIBC is the worst of them all. Record profit after profit but wouldn’t ever consider a fee holiday by a nickel to its customers. Seesh!

  8. Then why bother to hold your money at the bank? Duh.

  9. I still don’t understand the value of banks. It’s an industry that i dont feel provide enough of a reason for their existence.

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