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Canada’s Tax System Unfairly Favours Wealthy – Poll of CRA Auditors

A recent union-sponsored survey suggests an overwhelming majority of federal government auditors believe Canada’s tax system unfairly favours the wealthy over average Canadians.

The poll, conducted by the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, found nine out of 10 auditors and other tax professionals surveyed agreed that corporations and wealthy Canadians can more easily avoid paying taxes than less well-off individuals.

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  1. Franco says:

    Welcome to the world of reality. This isn't an American issue where the rich and corporations benefit from their tilted system. It happens here too and you are hearing it directly from the auditors that know first hand how. This isn't a surprise.

  2. Kenzie G. says:

    I assume one method is to incorporate your self and pay at the much lower corporate tax rate enough to have living expenses which will put you in a much lower personal income tax bracket.

  3. Yusuf H. says:

    It's humorous that the Trudeau administration is in charge and they still haven't bumped up the CRA budget. So they are part of the problem, don't ya think?

  4. Malakai says:

    Quite infuriating seeing as how I work hard for my money, pay my taxes, and there are others who don't have to.

  5. Zackery R. says:

    All first world nations have the same problem. You can remove it, but it will reappear again. Part of nature that the rich force the poor to pay for their lavish lifestyle.

  6. Jan says:

    What are these techniques to not pay taxes. I'm sure everyone would like to know ;P

  7. Coby Hunker says:

    On the plus side, it says that all you have to do is become rich and you can benefit too!

  8. Raphael says:

    Let's not forget that the GST/HST tax is mostly a poor person's tax since the rich spend on items of much higher value that are tax exempt such as yachts. Hey, there is always lotteries. They are still tax-free.

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