The growth rate of the Canadian economy slowed to a crawl in the fourth quarter of 2011, Statistics Canada reported Friday.

At an annual rate, real gross domestic product (GDP) grew 1.8 per cent in the fourth quarter, after a 4.2 per cent increase in the third quarter.

The actual growth in the quarter was 0.4 per cent, compared with one per cent in the third quarter, the agency said.  Read More…


  1. I can’t say i am surprised by the slow down at all. I personally feel Canada’s economy (like the rest of the world) is closely connected to the health of the US economy, which is not doing well at present.

  2. @steele yea sure but everything is still expensive to buy here at home. and you still get dinged at the border with duty.

  3. What baffles me is this was the same thing that happened back in 2008 prior to the financial meltdown. Are we on teh verge of another big recession?

  4. All i know is our CAD looney is still kicking butt compared to the USD and that is all that matters to me.

  5. This makes it sounds as if we are heading into a recession when in fact this is all cyclical and in fact we are still growing, just not as fast as before.

  6. I say BS we are not slowing down at all. Anyone who says so is trying to manipulate stock prices to their gain. All the numbers say Canada is in excellent shape right now and hte forseeable future.

  7. As the article says this is fully expected and in fact is a good sign for the spring and summer coming up. Great news!

  8. I wish it would go in detail about how our other imporant sectors like manufacturing is doing. As a whole i understand Canada is still fine but my fear is there might be a systemic breakdown in each critical sector.

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