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  1. Kailyn Stites

    This is an attack on unions everywhere. We must stand up to these crooks and not give up hope.

  2. Bradley

    Yup if the price of nickel goes up and it will eventually they dont want to share those profits with their employees.

  3. Kyran D.

    It’s going to be a tough fight. Vale Inco is a very large company and if it cmoes down to it they will shut down and move out of Sudbury.

  4. Kael P.

    As soon as Vale bought it we were screwed.

  5. Myron K.

    The nickel bonus concession is the biggest problem. If they cap it then many in the Sudbury area will suffer.

  6. Mariano

    These are the true patriots of Canada who although they are miners their fight is no different than any other field where big companies take advantage of their workers.

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