Canadian Outrage at Fox News Is Growing

This is how the US lose wars.
This is how the US are making enemies around the world.
And this is how Republicans lose elections.

Making fun of dead Canadian soldiers doesn’t help. US Republican douchebags are the only people dumb enough in the history of the planet to actually make fun of and humiliate their own allies in a time of war.

Ignorance, insensitivity and greed, this is the Faux News Creed.

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  1. Cordero says:

    Fox News. ‘Nuf said.

  2. Giovani Sprigg says:

    I have a son fighting in the war and seeing that they can make fun of the blood that we are spilling over there is darn right hurtful. I’ve contacted fox news for an apology and have not heard back from them.

  3. Olsen B says:

    The US is always making fun of Canada, this is no different. They have no taste.

  4. Ronan C says:

    Where can i find what fox actually said about our troops?

  5. Umberto D. says:

    The US has a tendancy to want to be the big bully and piss off the world and is one of the reasons why the rest of the world hates them.

    It’s a damn shame republicans control most of the states.

  6. Devon W says:

    Fox will not appologize. Why would they?

  7. Cian says:

    When you make fun of our soldiers who are fighting for a war that has no value to our country and only there for the sake of helping our U.S. allie is appalling.

  8. Enrique G. says:

    Is anyone really surprised? I’ve seen Fox news and this is what they do. It’s a circus and all entertainment not real news.

  9. Carmine says:

    Very disrespectful and we deserve an apology.

  10. Reece M. says:

    Pathetic losers. Fox and Americans in general think they own the world.

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