Capital gains changes

Will they or won’t they? Rumours continue to swirl that the Liberals plan to raise taxes by cutting back on the break Canadians get from capital gains — even though they’ve never campaigned on the issue.

That concern could lead to some panic selling of assets as people try to avoid a deadline for something that may never happen or might include a grandfather clause.  Read More…


  1. Yea i heard the same thing about capital gains going up despite Trudeau not officially running on it. Personally, i have decided to realize the gains for half of my portfolio and keeping the other half in shares. A kind of half way out the door approach since i dont know the exact outcome of this.

  2. I’m curious, why don’t they just make it 100%? Not like being taxed as regular income is evil — it’s fair! When people know they can make a profit it certainly never deters them when rates goes up. Profit is profit.

  3. This is why i voted Conservative 🙁 Now you see the problems we will be having with Liberals in charge. Ah well.

  4. So when will we know for sure? Will it be retroactive or be effective in a future year? Answers i need to know. For now i’m staying put.

  5. Geez how greedy does one have to get? So presently one gets only taxed on 50% of capital gains and people are concerned that, heaven-forbid, they be taxed in full at their effective tax rate? Oh please. Cry me a river. Suck it up folks and pay your fair share.

  6. 75% against ones marginal tax isn’t a bad idea. If anything i thought it should be this for a long time. Remember we had this in the 90s. I’m willing to pay more.

  7. Let’s hope it goes up. I’ve always considered this highway robbery when those sitting on their arse doing nothing but pushing a button are rewarded with less tax than the rest of us.

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