Cheap American Flights threaten Canadian Airport Business

Canadian airports challenged by US

The promise of cheaper flights is driving many Canadians across the border to U.S. airports — costing millions of dollars in lost revenue in Canada — but the federal government says it won’t subsidize air travel.

The trend of more Canadians flying out of the United States is disconcerting to Canada’s aviation industry, which is calling on the federal government to do something to lure back those travelers.  Read More…

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  1. Leonard Farris

    I love to travel but this report is spot on in that Canada makes it tough to want to flight out from here because there are so many cheaper alternatives across the border only 10 mins away from me.

  2. Ken

    It’s not really due to government not subsidizing things like security tax. There is more to it then that.

  3. Camille Shimoji

    I have never bought local tickets in over 10 years now that i use online sites to book and take flights from Buffalo.

  4. Peter C

    I have never left Canada all my life so i am not too worried.

  5. Shaun M.

    Why not just drive to your destination if its in the US?

  6. Hugh

    Canada’s air industry and their method and fee charges makes perfect sense.

    It is the US that is backwards by making the tax payer pay for those who want to make flights to vacation spots.

    If you want a flight you should be paying for it not the government.

  7. Dave M

    Being Muslim i always go through many security checks when i hit the US. It’s a real shame. I’ve stopped taking planes now because the harassment is crazy. I am so glad to be Canadian and not American.

  8. Teagan

    The best method is still train. Great scenery and its cheap.

  9. Declan P.

    I just checked some processes and they aren’t that far off from American prices. But it really depends on where you want to go.

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