More Canadians plan cross-border shopping over the holiday season, according to a survey released Friday by the Bank of Montreal.

The Bank’s survey found 18 per cent of those polled plan to shop in the United States this season, up five percentage points from last year.

The peak American retail season begins on Nov. 25 or Black Friday, the day following American Thanksgiving. It gets its name from the fact that many retailers rely on holiday sales to make it into the black, or become profitable, for the year.  Read More…


  1. Those poor TSA agents. They must have their hands full during these seasons. It sounds to me its going to be more hectic this season with Canadians fearing this could be the last holiday season with our dollar at its strongest. It was a good run while it lasted.

    I’m heading over the border in a few weeks so the survey is pretty smack on.

  2. Here in BC it is a very common trend each year. Even when the dollar wasn’t so strong we would just go over as a traditional thing.

  3. This can’t be of any surprise to anyone. The dollar has been cheap relative to the USD for some time now and so it makes logical sense that we shop across the border.

  4. Wow, people spend on average nearly $1400 on holiday shopping? That is the big shocker for me. I’ve just considered it another day and so dont spend any more than i do on any other day.

  5. @dave, i hear ya! I am amazed that people still drive in cars cross-border to shop. Why? That is so 1990s. 🙂

  6. I would imagine shopping online from US sites is even more dramatic than what people see crossing the borers in vehicles.

  7. Oh christmas is almost here! So excited. I am hoping for an iPad. My mom is all coy about it but i can so tell i am getting one. Happy girl in Alberta!

  8. Let’s not forget that the both dollars are falling back into parity making any savings almost non-existent when you consider the gas and time to make the trip.

  9. I remember way back in the 80’s when my parents had to drive to Buffalo at 4am just to wait in line to get their hands on a Cabage patch doll — a fad that was big in its day. In the end they still weren’t lucky and i never did get that damn thing.

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