Prime Minister Stephen Harper addressed Conservative MPs in Ottawa Thursday and stuck entirely to the subject of the economy, sounding more positive notes than he has recently.

The Conservative caucus is meeting to get ready for the new session of Parliament that starts Sept. 19.

The government’s first priority is economic growth, Harper said, noting continuing fragility in world markets.  Read More…



  1. This is a wonderful post!

  2. Good money that the Conservatives are just all talk and their plan for the economy is just more tax cuts for the oober rich.

  3. Interim leader for the NDP (Turmel?) is ok but i prefer someone with a little more charisma that will keep Harper up late nights. Right now the dude is in heaven with all the power in the world. *sigh*

  4. Unless you have a strong middle-class all the conservative gimmicks in the world is not going to help the economy. Listen to the NDP if you want to have any chance.

  5. More tax cuts and eliminating the gun registry does not increase jobs.

  6. @julian, i know what you mean. My jaw was on the floor when i learned that Harper gets $450,000 salary + $100,000 for travel expenses per year. That’s more than President Obama in a country that is 3x bigger than ours!

  7. Wow the Liberal party is still around? I thought NDP and Conservatives were all that was left. Learned something new.

  8. Lowering corporate tax rates to 15% will not increase jobs. That just doesnt make sense. The savings will simply be higher end year bonuses. This has been tried for centuries in other countries and the results are the same.

  9. I still dont understand why MPs take so many vacations. Its not like the work is hard.

  10. It’s a shame former NDP leader Layton had to die. It was looking pretty good that he would be our next PM 🙁

  11. Hey Mr. Harper why not start by not sending Canadian jobs overseas in more outsorce attempts.

  12. Here is hoping the upcoming Ontario elections will put an NDP in charge.

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