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Here is Why The S&P 500 Might Not Hit 2000 Next Week

stock market trendNext week is the last unofficial week of summer, but that doesn’t mean you should let August doldrums get between you and your portfolio. Yahoo Finance’s very own Lauren Lyster, Milanee Kapadia, Michael Santoli and editor-and-chief Aaron Task are here to bring you information on what you should be expecting next week, August 25th through 29th.

Watch the pump

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Replies to this Post

  1. Maddex M says:

    Trends are still strong that the S&P will keep rising and will at least jump past 2,000 this week. Mark my words! It’s a great time for investing.

  2. Ben Condon says:

    I still cant believe we are still driving combustables and using them as measurements when determining the direction of the markets 🙁 Our world would be in better shape if oil never existed.

  3. Amarion P. says:

    Fortunately for me most of my portfolio is made up of s and p for the past 5 years so i have a big grin 🙂

  4. Jayme G says:

    If i’m not mistaken you should watch the big day on Tuesday. That is when we get official data and this in itself will decide best on the direction of the index. Fingers crossed.

  5. Frederick Stack says:

    Thank you for mentioning the gas pump! I’ve noticed this trend for decades.

  6. Luciano says:

    Sorry but i know this is not the right thread to ask but what are people investing into these days? I’m new.

  7. Anders Q. says:

    I still don’t understand why you hear folks at Fox saying to buy gold when it seems more practical to invest in s&p. They’ve been doing well for so long! What am i missing?

  8. Harsimran Kauffman says:

    Consumer data reports don’t always give the big picture and in most cases, from my experience, tend to scare the markets unnecessarily sending it down before rebounding a few days later due to investors realizing they overreacted. There are better indicators out there.

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