Plan for Capital Gains rate

With the federal budget now set for March 22, 2017, investors with significant accrued capital gains in their securities portfolios are wondering whether a hike to the capital gains inclusion rate could be in the cards on budget day and, if so, is there anything they can do it about now.

Of course, investors need only be concerned with capital gains taxes if they hold appreciated investments in non-registered accounts. Under the current tax rules, if you dispose of capital property (other than your principal residence) for a profit, only 50 per cent of the capital gain is included in taxable income.  Read More…


  1. Based on previous discussions by this new administration i doubt a gains hike will happen and will remain at 50%.

    I think our economy is still on the precipous of reversing our slow growth so why give it a nudge to start a recession.

  2. Doesn’t effect me since i am all-in, in a registered account. Yay!

  3. Wow so back in 1990 it was 75%. Sounds like a great way to boost federal income.

  4. Seems like a good idea to me. Time for the rich to pay their fair share. I just don’t udnerstand when someone invests in the stock market and makes gains why that can’t be considered 100% as income and thus be charged at their respective marginal rate. Logical.

  5. I heard about this 🙁 . As the full details point out the key is to sell securities before the budget date is upon us (Mar 22).

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