Liberals Pledge to Prevent Abuse of Prorogation

OTTAWA – Surrounded by members of the Liberal caucus in front of the House of Commons on the day when Parliament should have resumed, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff announced that the Liberal Party of Canada will seek changes to the House of Commons’ rules that would prevent the Prime Minister from using prorogation illegitimately.

“Twice in one year, Mr. Harper has abused his powers by shutting down Parliament to save his political skin,” said Mr. Ignatieff. “In appropriate circumstances, prorogation is a legitimate procedure, but we need new rules to prevent Mr. Harper – or any other Prime Minister – from using it to escape democratic scrutiny.”  Read More…


  1. Liberals talk the tough talk but end up doing nothing.

  2. Harper is a douche he has exercised this right on more than the two occasion mentioned. Anytime he gets into political hotwater he thinks to shut down parliament and halt everything.

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