Markets Finish Higher

Markets Finish Higher

The Toronto Stock Exchange finished Friday with a 50-point gain, leaving it up about 290 points on the week.

In the U.S., however, markets surged, pushing the gain for the Dow Jones to about 425 points on the week, the S&P 500 to 45 points and the NASDAQ to 63 points.

The S&P gain left that index ahead on the year since Dec. 23, 2010. The Dow was already ahead, while the NASDAQ is within striking distance of gaining.

The benchmark S&P/TSX composite index, however, is still more than 1,400 points below the level it was a year ago.

The TSX composite index added 50.19 points Friday to close at 11,926.67. The industrial sub-index posted the biggest gain, followed by consumer products.  Read More…

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  1. Trae

    It’s been quite the rollercoaster this year. I’ve decided not to watch the market anymore since i end up with ulcers. Good to see things are becoming more stable.

  2. Malaya

    This seems way too early and immature to be positive about this. From my research we are in for a big dip in the market and possibly a recession. I am now only buying cheap stocks and holding.

  3. Weston Talbert

    @Alan its never too late to invest. The worst is to not invest at all. Or even trying to time the market. That will never work. Buying for the long term is the key when dealing with index.

  4. Allan

    Oh great! I was thinking of starting my RRSP and buying several low MER% funds but now i see the market has already left me 🙁

  5. Ami

    Can someone explain to me why the market has risen? I am a total newbie!

  6. Jason H

    Does anyone remember a time when the loonie was trading at 85 cents to the $1 USD? How things have changed!

  7. Braulio D

    Here is hoping 2012 ends up on a gain too!

  8. Braden W

    290 points for the week isn’t bad at all. Looks like consumer confidence is growing again after the crazyiness of the year.

  9. Colt

    Oh how i remember the good ole days of 2008 when the TSX was much higher.

  10. Carter Pinkerton

    This is why i prefer to invest in TSX traded stock and not American ones (e.g. NASDAQ) since Canada seems more predictable in how consumers get involved in retail/service.

  11. Jamari Browkaw

    I am so glad i took my father’s advice and invested back in September. I’m up 20 points for the year.

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