Pets. Landlords don’t want them in their properties. Tenants can’t live without them. Unfortunately, the law in Ontario just makes it worse for everyone.

Under the law, you can’t prevent a tenant from bringing a pet into your property, unless it is a condominium and the building declaration says no pets. So even if a landlord and tenant sign a lease that says no pets, the tenant can bring 2 dogs and 4 cats the next day and there is nothing the landlord can do about it.

Yet if the landlord has a no pet policy in the entire building, they can probably refuse to approve the tenant in the first place if they know the tenant has a pet. You start to see the problem.   Read More…


  1. I love my pets and i’d be lying if i didn’t say that i’ve used this clause to my benefit over the years.

    I have 2 cats and so because they are cats they are very clean and don’t smell or destroy anything like dogs do so when landlords find out (because say, my ktties like to sit and stare out the windows) they don’t mind.

    I think most landlords hate dogs.

  2. I still don’t understand why those who live in apartments get pets? Get a goldfish!

  3. This is what erks me about our law. The landlord has such limited rights and the tenants are given all the power.

    We need a fair system where landords and tenants can have equal say. With such a lopsided way of things tenants can get away with so much.

  4. I honestly didn’t know this fact! Very great news. For so long i had been trying to look for places that had “Pets Allowed” but my research always was limiting. Knowing this new fact opens the doors big time 🙂

    But the problem is i am too honest and don’t like to ruffle feathers. So even though i now know i probably can’t change my habits of being truthful. 🙁

  5. Wait a minute. So even my pet rock is being discriminated against 😛 ? What is the world coming too?

  6. My last landlord evicted me because she found out i had my rottweiler living with me for several months.

    She almost gagged of the smell of dog in the apartment that i apparently habitulated to not be able to smell.

    Long story short, she freaked and i had to move after a month. I actually knew i had the right to keep my dog and not move but i didn’t want any more trouble since she had been a descent lady. I ended up spending some of my own money to clean out the apartment to remove any scent of dog and hopefully she found it a kind gesture and apology.

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