Due diligence in investments, which involves both quantitative and qualitative work, is similar to security checks in air travel in the sense that how much work is done, and the attention with which it is executed can make the difference between getting on something well-conceived and well-run and something potentially harmful.

Of course, there are investments that are both liquid and highly regulated that are less likely to require in-depth research before taking the plunge in the same way that there are travellers and airlines generally believed to be low risk.  Read More…


  1. I find far too many people including most of my family have no interest in applying due dilligence in their investment habits. And its only then that they come crying to me to help them with investment advice to get them out o ftheir jam. 🙁

  2. I still am reading through a few recommended investor books some of you suggested in another post. Still not too comfy going all in with my savings but am having a blast with practice accounts.

  3. LOL! Bonus points for the El Al mention in the article and related it to investing. I flew on them once before. My buddy was kicked for fooling around during the interview process prior to bording. They are serious.

  4. Just toss your money into money market funds and you will never have to worry about a thing.

  5. Say all you will but no one reads prospectus reports when they jump into the stock market. I for one am obsessed over reading what i can especially the background on management and their future intentions with the company. No company stays static indefinitely and so i like to be informed at all times. You will find that the more you know the less likely you will be shocked by sudden stock price changes.

  6. People spend more than they save. That is the real problem.

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