Larry MacDonald asked me a few questions for an article he is working on, and it caused me to think a bit more about a subject that it is important as parents to talk to our kids about. This subject is taboo in most families and is certainly not a normal dinner table topic, and I must say that as a child growing up my parents never brought this subject up, and I must also admit that most of what I learned about it initially I learned “on the street”.

What is this taboo subject, that so few of us talk to our kids about (and heaven forbid ever want to educate them about)? No, not the one you were thinking (although my parents never talked about THAT either), but the subject of Debt. My parents did talk about Money, but mostly in platitudes about the importance of saving and knowing how much money you earn and working hard (the Anglo-Catholic work ethic).  Read More…


  1. Attention span of kids are very short and the subject of finances is something you will have to attach to a game controller before they even take a look at it.

  2. I think it should be the responsibility of schools to make it mandatory to teach these children about debt at an early age. Although it might go in one ear and out the other at least, like in sex education, some might pay attention and have a positive affect on their future lives.

  3. Its not so much taboo as it is hard to explain it to them while keeping their interest. Kids don’t see the importance of saving and debt because they dont have to worry about such things until they get older and want a life of their own.

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