A few weeks ago, I was talking to the man next to me on the train and the topic of engagement rings came up – or more specifically – how much a man should spend on a ring.

My instinct was to suggest one month’s salary, because even at minimum wage in British Columbia, that’s over $1,600. But he insisted it would be appropriate to spend at least three months’ salary, because “that’s what women expect.”

BY one estimate, men are now averaging closer to three weeks’ salary on an engagement ring – or about $2,000 and even that seems a lot. My generation is graduating with record debt levels and the average household debt is at an all-time high.  Read More…


  1. Its true that cost of ring doesn’t matter , if you love some one and buy a expensive ring for her maybe its take your 3 months salary,but still you feel happy,because after getting these yours beloved become very happy.

  2. It’s really sad to think that people have to put themselves into such gratuitous debt just to 1) please their partner, and 2) more importantly, please others looking on.

    Engagement rings at most should not run anyone over $2,000. Most of my friends will spend a fortune on them and then spend an even bigger ofrtune for the wedding ring itself. It’s crazy.

  3. Just buy a fake one and tell her it cost you 5-months pay. She will be impressed and you will have a fatter wallet.

    Everyone is happy.

  4. Yea so remind me again why people get married?

  5. My hubby spent over $20,000 for my ring. I was the happiest girl alive. But after 3 years i’ve come to realize i could have used that money on paying the bills 🙁

  6. This is why i will never get married. Too much frivilous things like this and not much benefit.

  7. If its about love the cost of a ring should not matter. Love is what counts.

  8. The worst part is that most diamonds are actually blood diamonds. And so when we buy these worthless rocks we are killing a person somewhere around the world. Don’t buy diamonds.

  9. Search eBay. That is what i did. 😛

  10. I use to fantasize about a big wedding and a big rock but the more i thought the more i realized it was a social pressure for such things.

    Boys will never know how much pressure other women put on them and rubbing in their face about things like this. I have gotten too old to care anymore. But then i am happily married.

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