Canada has always had to play second fiddle to our neighbours to the south. The Great White North just never seems to get the respect it deserves, whether it’s the frequent lag in products arriving on our soil, the border, tax and currency concerns among athletes and entertainers, and, of course, the weather.

From an investing standpoint, it’s true that Canada was the place to be during the commodity supercycle last decade, but its reputation as a mere resource nation keeps many investors away, particularly when you consider the remarkable run that U.S. equity markets have had in the past three years.  Read More…


  1. Say what you will but we Canadians shouldl charish that we are looked upon as a resource country. Fuels and such are fallng to low #s in the world and we are still harboring surpluses. We may not get our respect today but we sure will in the future. Just takes time.

  2. I think its humorous that our banks are still strong and its only that way because we have tight regulations. Unlike America where they can pretty much risk people’s money and then get bailed out by the fed. huh?

  3. @josh the problem is the diversity you speak of isn’t all that great. most of the TSX quality stocks are mostly in finance sector and the rest is oil or its derrivatives. Most of my holdings are U.S. and i am fine by that 🙂

  4. I can never understand why US stocks are so popular. We have plenty of diversity here but every time i speak to my colleagues they are more about investing outside of canada. Never understood that.

  5. We are still in a bull market here and the states. THe worse one can do is to not invest at all or keep it in their savings account. Which sad to say is what most people do.

  6. We are in trouble when the tar sands runs dry 🙁

  7. I am still not a fan of the Harper administration but seeing as how the economy is still booming and the real estate market is still looking up i am okay with his troubling policies (in other areas like military) for a little longer.

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