Dividend investors are a unique and frankly, quite a passionate bunch! Those of us who have research the topic extensively and believe strongly in it’s benefits understand the impacts it can have on our own portfolios over the long-term. As such, I continue to invest in dividend stocks. However, this has created some unique problems not all investors face when building a portfolio based on a strong and balanced asset allocation. One of these unique problems is what to do with those dividends that hit your accounts? Let’s look at that problem in more detail.

What to do with dividend income

This is an interesting (and good) problem to have. What it means is that as a dividend investor it is imperative that you devise a strategy that guides your decisions around the dividends you receive in your portfolio. As your portfolio grows these dividends can be very significant and must be dealt with. Read More…


  1. With scottrade i have things worked out where the income gets re-invested.

  2. Currently my mix is bothering me — the didend income i make ends up getting eaten away by management and admistration expenses. highway robbery.

  3. Got some good advice. thx

  4. Never been a big fan of dividend investing. Most of the available stocks don’t offer much growth and seems more for granny.

  5. I have my dividend income automatically reinvested into more shares. Some of it gets put aside to my RRSP account as well.

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