tax filingNow that we have almost completed the RRSP season for the 2009 income tax year, it is now time to think about one of the most painful financial activities: file taxes!

I’ve recently been contacted by Intuit (the famous producer of Quicken) to review their latest QuickTax 2009 income tax software. So they sent me a QuickTax 2009 standard edition so I can work with it for a while and to file my own income taxes.

What Can I Deduct to Pay Less Income Tax?

This is probably the biggest question when it comes down to filing your income tax reports; what expenses can I claim to reduce my taxable income (to pay Less tax)! We all want to deduct from our income as many expenses as possible. Well QuickTax claims to offer over 40 deductions and credits in all. Now let’s see how great they were when I installed the Canadian tax filing software:  Read More…


  1. With all its bells and whistles i’ve found quicktax to be prone to bugs and just end up using UFile.

  2. I can’t believe someone knows TaxTron software. I personally think it is the best Mac tax program for canadians.

  3. My long time tax man had always been H&R Block but with the growing ability of QuickTax, GenuTax, and TaxTron software it is becoming clear tht the original walk-in offices are becoming obsolete. And you save a bundle doing it on your own. And learn a lot doing it.

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