We’ve all heard the complaints that investment management fees are too high, but what’s missing from the debate is whether those fees represent good value for the money.

The value of something requires, by definition, that it have usefulness or merit to an individual, either because she sees it as desirable in itself or because others do. In other words, value is entirely subjective.

Investment products are not good value simply by being cheap, nor bad value simply by being expensive. They are either good value or not. Price is only half of the equation. What you get for that price is also a key determinant.  Read More…


  1. I totally disagree vehemently. Higher fees are never good and it only is good for the brokers or managers of the funds. No one else.

    No matter the reasonings given for its case, for the investor there is no good points to have higher fees. None. End of story.

  2. Money to burn if you are willing to pay fees.

  3. One thing good about Questrade is they have next to no fees and so its why so many people join them in Canada. I’ve been with them for about 5 years. Best decision i made.

  4. You mean me paying endless fees with TD is a good thing? Come again?

  5. Although i understand where its coming from i am not a big fan of it. Most of my funds i pay fees (front load for most) but no one is going to be gleeful in paying them.

  6. The article brings up 2% MER as one of the higher amounts for the best performers. Rediculous. I dont care how good they are paying 2% is crazy. Who is to say next year it wont be in the red?

  7. Love reading this. Most of my portfolio consists of mutual funds and i am fine with management fees as long as performances can be quantified consistently. I tend to do a lot of research on the management team and their history. As such i am comfy with paying a little for the greater good in the end.

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