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  1. Xenon Amos says:

    This is a good hint that the economy is back on its feet and moving in the right direction. With food services and others in the blue we can expect a full recovery by 2012. Here is hoping it lasts.

  2. Tyreek Sias says:

    Construction is up? Not in my part of Canada (Halifax).

  3. Erwin Pitts says:

    Hey Finance is up! Surprise, surprise! It is the industry that caused this whole recession since 2008 and now they are back to making record profits. Sickening.

  4. Frederick says:

    It’s only going to get worse for agriculture. With more cheaper food being imported into Canada its a dying field and i have sympathy for those making a living in it.

  5. Kyler says:

    Transportation is da bomb! Every time i head to work on the 401 i always see some transport truck going every direction. It’s a thriving business for sure.

  6. Akira says:

    I’ve always been told by friends and family to go into the tech sector because although it goes up and down it generally stays up in the long term. Its the last industry we can depend on.

  7. Arlo Scudder says:

    No surprises about Utilities being hit the hardest.

  8. Omari C. says:

    Oh no i’m a teacher and my sector is in the decline. I guess i should start looking for a new occupation. Thank goodness i love what i do or i’d be in a panic right now.

  9. Frank Dillman says:

    You know i would have thought manufacturing would have been hit the hardest since all Harper and the Conservatives have been trying to do is ship the rest of our tattered industry overseas.

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