On Dec. 6, 1941, while Europe was engulfed in a war that saw Germany control all of Western Europe except Britain, Americans were spending an ordinary Saturday, wrapped in their collective isolationist blanket. Whether getting some Christmas shopping done, listening to game shows on the radio, or taking in a movie such as Citizen Kane, The Maltese Falcon or Dumbo, the battles being fought on the far sides of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans were the last things on their minds.

All of that changed early the next morning — 72 years ago today — when the Imperial Japanese Navy conducted a massive surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, killing 2,402 Americans and instantly engaging 130 million others in a war that would change the course of history.  Read More…


  1. Although this isnt 2008 anymore my fear is the problem that caused the financial crash of 2008 hasn’t actually been fixed. The banks in the US need regulation as they are here in Canada so we as investors can feel more secure in where we invest.

    Without that i fully see a bear market coming soon and why i am pulling out more funds and pushing them into more safer pasteurs.

  2. As long as you diversify your holdings then any kind of "expected" turn will be weathered better. This is how responsible investors should be doing it. If not then its nothing more than slots and the house always wins.

  3. Yea but where do we put our investment $ if we are to start pulling it off the table? Funny how the author forgets to mention that. Ugh!

  4. But wait, hasn’t Chicken Little come to the stock scene every year? Nothing special. We always have naysayers that this is the coming year when all goes to heck.

  5. Where do they come up with these terms: Bulls, Bears. Too funny.

  6. So what, are we suppose to put it in our crappy low interest savings bank accounts? Sheesh! I’ll take my chances!

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