A seven year classroom study followed by an analysis of Court of Appeal cases  by a B.C. professor found that women typically get from 1.5 to 1.7 months less compensation in wrongful dismissal cases than men, whether settlements are negotiated or cases are litigated.

Although at first blush it may appear that the reason is discrimination against women, in fact the key reason for this gender-based discrepancy in negotiated wrongful dismissal awards is that women are more willing to settle while men are typically reluctant to make concessions.

University of Victoria law and employment relations professor Kenenth Thornicroft  developed a classroom simulation where MBA and senior Bachelor of Commerce students were given a situation and asked to negotiate a settlement on behalf of either a fired employee or the company.  Read More…


  1. Not to sound sexist but the reason women get less is the same reason there is the fabled equal pay disparity between both sexes. It’s because women don’t tend to be as aggressive as men in demanding more. Women usually will be the first to find a compromise.

  2. Come on, we gave them the right to vote isn’t that enough? 🙂 jk!

  3. @Ben it isn’t about job performance. You might want to read and put some brain cells into what is being said. It’s about “wrongful dismissal”!

  4. Ah they were fired right? So why should there be any issue on what they get paid? The less the better. Maybe next time they will do their job better.

  5. Ok hold up..hold up. So the difference is a mere 1.5-1.7 months worth of pay? That’s it? I think i wills ave my battles for other things that matter.

  6. Interesting read. I never knew there was such a problem. If there is such a bias for things like this i can imagine it must run deeper in other areas since after all old men are usually on top making the shots.

  7. This is fully expected. There are several factors at play here. It is partly because of the nature of women being timid but it also is partly due to discrimination because men, especially older, feel that other men will need higher pay days since they are the bread winners.

    Obviously that is foolish and old thinking but it has permeated deep into the psychology of people.

  8. As a woman i feel for this post. I was wrongfully dismissed several years back and my compensation was atrosish. Ah well.

  9. There is new legislation moving in the House that hopefully will put an end to this.

    Sadly, with Conservatives in rule its doubtful it will make much progress until the NDP take control. Here is hoping for a brighter Canada!

  10. This has always been a problem with being women. Discrimination in the new millenium is alive and well.

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