If you love Niagara ice wine or Okanagon merlot you may be sipping in a good investment idea. A recent BMO report shows Canadian vineyards are poised for five solid years of growth.


Canadians are drinking more domestic wine and willing to pay premium prices for it. As well Canadian wineries are exporting more of their product than ever before. All of this is adding up to a boon in Canada’s wine regions.  Read More…


  1. I still don’t understand the obsession with wine. I drink it on occassion but to call it the #1 form of drink for Canadians is rediculous.

  2. Its not that hard to get involved and start your own wine investment.

    You do have a cold place in your home right? If so then congratulations you can start your own vine cellar and store wine for reselling later on. Wine rarely goes down in price so start right!

    I’ve been investing in wine for decades and have made a nice profit.

  3. It’s always been a strong and stready industry to invest into. Although there are no funds that deal in them directly (that i am aware of) it is a good idea if one can do so.

  4. Wow, only 22 bottles of wine in 2011 for the average Canadian. In my household it is easly double that.

  5. Ahh so that is the reason for the growth: "Canada is getting older". Yup! I notice the people who are interested in whine tasting are usually elder people. Those drunks 😛

  6. My parents use to own a few vineyards out in British Colombia but the amount of work and weather conditions were so time consuming that they just sold it and never looked back.

    You’d think with so many people doing it the premium would drop completely.

  7. Oh another bubble is brewing. Last month it was about a Housing bubble here in Vancouver and now its a Wine bubble. What will it be next week? Stay tuned!

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