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  1. Steve W

    The world economy in a nutshell: “Privatize the Gains and Socialize the Losses.” … Class dismissed.

  2. Cameron T

    We had a big debate in school today about the economy and the state of things and it was interesting to see those with liberal values separating from the conservative types. Conservatives are so funny, they’d rather prop up the rich no matter their dasterdly doings.

  3. Wendel S

    Why do they have to meet. Just fix the damn problem already. Canada is now serving as a model for the world’s economy. Why? Because we don’t give our banks to the people’s money to spend as they will and bail these banks out with the peoples money for free..that just knocks me off my feet.

  4. Ronnie

    Funny thing is this is the 1st time hearing about the G8 and G20 and i live like 10 km from the toronto metro area. Wow i really gotta get out of my mom’s basement. 🙂

  5. Flynn E.

    U said it! I spit on these leaders and give a shout out to those protesting.

  6. Pablo

    Booh! Booh!

  7. Emerson Hopkins

    Just a show. These so called “leaders” are just putting on a show and at the end of the day they will go home and continue to rob us blind. Especially America!

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