The incoming leader of the world’s biggest economy has no experience running a government and appears to have a shaky grasp of geopolitics. He is intent on cosying up to Russia, has pledged to rip up trade deals, is prone to ill-timed Tweets and muses openly about boosting his country’s nuclear arsenal.

The bloc that forms the world’s second-largest economic entity, meanwhile, is going through an existential crisis. One of its cornerstone countries has voted to leave, its longest-serving leader faces a crucial re-election campaign and its banking sector is still teetering.  Read More…


  1. We shall see how it affects our Canadian markets with Trump because history shows that him and the republicans are not job creators and all this market surge is just hype that will fizzle as reality sets in.

  2. I am still waiting for the dollar to bump back up above 80 🙁

  3. Personally, i think Brexit is what will decide 2017. If Britain does leave then this could start a wave of other EU countries pulling out sending us here in Canada into a downfall too.

  4. A new president in the US is the big story. It’s been a nice ride with some descent gains but this kind of thing happens during each new administration. Nothing to see here.

  5. Plenty of risk is an understatement. And isn’t it sad that our country is so heavily dependent on what our brothers/sisters are up to south of the border?

    We should be leading in things like alternative energy so our economy isn’t so dependent on commodities like oil.

  6. And this is why you just diversify your portfolio and you don’t have to worry too much (long-term).

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