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Last time I wrote about the Retire By 40 Movement and why everyone should at least think about retiring from their career by the time they are 40. Today, we’ll dive into how this could be done in 3 easy steps. Well, these steps are easy to say, but they are not that easy to do.

Most people finish college around the age of 22 and that only gives them 18 years to approach Financial Independence. Read More…


  1. The only true way to control inflation is to learn to do prudent investing in the stock market. Remember, that over the long-term investing into diversified stocks that follow the index then your initial investment will keep up with inflation.

    Of course there are going to be bumps in the road but looking at the long game its the only real course to financial freedom. Well, one of the steps you should be doing.

    My 2 cents.

  2. Unless i missed something it didn’t delve into reale state property. My hubby and I decided to buy a house and just rent it out at a rate that is paying back our mortgage and property tax while we live in an spacious (and cheaper) apartment.

    We also have it set up using the smith maneuver and using the recaptured funds to fatten our stock portfolio of index funds.

    We figure with this approach we could have about $2 million in our name when we are 50. Not including unexpected hiccups along the way.

  3. Retiring by 40 is a lot easier for people today because we have the internet that can make fortunes quite easily in your pjs. Yes one still has to figure out what to make and get the butts out of bed but still i find it much easier than going to a 9-to-5 job you hate and hoping to save up enough to retire 20+ years down the road.

    That being said, anyone have a good internet idea? We’re going to be rich i tellz ya! :mrgreen:

  4. Although this piece seems written for Americans many of its points apply here on our side of the border.

    The author is correct when s/he writes about maxing out the 401k and Roth IRA which is simply the US version of RRSP and TFSA respectively. Of course though it is only wise to max out your RRSP when you are making the most income because the tax is deferred through your contributions that year.

  5. Some respectable advice but i just don’t feel it enphasized the necessity of saving. That is really the true way to retire before you are old (and useless).

    The problem with most though is that we are too selfish and need more, more, more.

  6. What about the rest of us who are over 40 and still struggling for that “next big idea” 🙁 and living in your mommy’s basement. Just kidding but i would imagine there are plenty out there just like that. Frightening.

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