Stock investing strategies provide a framework and discipline for finding and making investment buy and sell decisions. An investor does not have to subscribe to any one strategy. However, everyone should have knowledge of each strategy and develop a belief system to guide them.

It is important to understand what you believe and maintain a consistent methodology. If you want to be a value investor but you are participating in momentum investing you will probably crash and burn.

Here are five widely used stock investing strategies followed by my analysis of the best investment strategies for the self directed investor.  Read More…


  1. Everyone has their favorite secret sauce to investing so my advice to anyone should always be accompanied by a disclaimer that if you lose your money based on my advice than you hadn’t done enough of your homework.

  2. Why bother with all the hassle of learning and planning when you can just buy a dollar ticket at your local store and find out if you won the lottery. Problem solved :mrgreen:

    Pesky stock trading and their pesky ability to get the nerves flowing.

  3. I still prefer the couch potato investing strategy. Just invest in safe, but diversified bunch and you are all set.

    Yes, its not going to gain much but in the long term you are sitting on a mint. 😛

  4. Fascinating read. I actualyl wasn’t aware of some of those strategies. Although i am relatively new i think i have a hang of things that persuing a more aggressive approach might be worth trying with a little sum of money this fall.

  5. Growth stock investing? Seriously? In this climate investing in anything outside Indexes is sure disaster.

    While you are at it why not just light the whole thing on fire and call it a day.

  6. There is no real perfect way but actually is better to deploy multiple strategies under different conditions. For example for registered accounts like RESP and RRSP one should look to value stock investing and dollar cost averaging.

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